Do we need E-commerce Strategy

May 17, 2021 admin 0

E-commerce Strategy Better understanding of e-commerce strategy and its impact on local and global economies as well as local businesses. E-commerce retailers such as Amazon.com, […]


Main Channels for Direct Marketing

May 9, 2021 admin 0

Direct marketing use various channels for reaching their prospective customers. Such channels include: FACE-TO-FACE SELLING This procedure uses sales call and door-to-door retailing approach. Companies […]


What is Direct Marketing ?

May 9, 2021 admin 0

Direct Marketing Process Direct marketing is the process involved in the selling of goods and sen-ices without the aid of wholesaler or retailer and such […]


What Affects Wireless Signals?

May 8, 2021 admin 0

Because wireless signals travel through the atmosphere, they are susceptible to different types of interference than are standard wired networks. Interference weakens wireless signals and […]

small bird house

Make a Bird House

May 7, 2021 admin 0

Unless you have musician neighbors, the prettiest sound you’ll hear in your backyard is the call of songbirds. Of course, that means you have to […]